Fabric Ducting For Arenas: Complex Installation Made Easy

grey fabric ducting in a hockey arena

As the world gradually returns to normality, it’s hard to resist thinking about all those activities that were riskier or simply unavailable for much of the last two years; for example, sports matches, concerts and other events that draw crowds. As always, good ventilation will play a crucial role in maintaining the safety and comfort of all spectators. But for larger shows, such as those taking place in large venues and arenas, it can be challenging to supply the right amount of air where it is needed, without excessive noise or draughts. A practical way to overcome this is using fabric ducting to supply and diffuse the air.

Why choose fabric ducting for arenas?

There are many reasons to select fabric ducting for arenas. No two arenas are the same. They are multi-purpose custom-built structures whose air requirements are specific to the location. That makes fabric ducting an ideal choice. We design the entire system from scratch and are able to tailor the air distribution very precisely to address the arena’s airflow requirements. Perfect results every time.

fabric ducting for arenas

What all arenas have in common is that they encompass huge spaces and are designed for high occupancy levels. For example, the O2 Arena in London can host up to 20,000 spectators. Every one of these spectators generates heat, as do sports teams, performers and any equipment required in an event or match. As a result, arenas have considerable supply demands. Since fabric ducting can diffuse air through its entire surface it can easily supply large air volumes, directing it where it’s needed without disrupting the show or event. This makes it ideal for arenas, concert halls and other event venues. Fabric ducting is also very cost-effective in large-scale installations and it doesn’t need balancing. In addition, fabric ducting offers another invaluable advantage: the ease and convenience of the installation process.

What makes fabric ducting for arenas easier to install?

Fabric ducts are lightweight

Due to their massive scale, arenas must use a lot of structural elements to support the entire building. The installation of building services must work around existing struts and beams. Fabric ducting is very lightweight and requires less mounting hardware, giving it a great advantage over heavier ventilation options such as an equivalent rigid system. Whether it is installed using rail or wire or any other type of mounting, the installation of the textile ducts only needs to support about 220g per square metre of fabric.

Installing fabric ducting is quicker

The installation process itself is also much quicker than with traditional options, and not just because it uses less supporting steelwork. The reason becomes clearer once we look at how fabric ducting is installed.



The supporting structure is installed first. Then you simply slide the fabric ducting into the rails and zip the sections together to form a continuous duct. This makes the installation process more and manageable and accessible, as there is no need to carry the weight of the ducting while installing the support mounts.

For very time-sensitive projects, the bulk of the process can take place before the ducts themselves arrive on site. The supports can be left in place for any period of time, ready to take the ducts once they are available for installation.

Flexible installation options

We have already established that no two arenas are the same; each is distinct from all others and will have its own individual ventilation needs. With fabric ducting it’s possible to work with most layouts and structures present in an arena, no matter how challenging. By designing the system especially for the application, we can modify any branch or section to accommodate any features or peculiarities unique to the project at hand. For example, there is no need to use the same mounting style throughout the system. If there are obstructions in the way, the height or spacing of the suspension can be changed as necessary. Alternatively, the layout of the ducting itself can be adapted to overcome any obstacles.

grey fabric ducting in a hockey arena

There are many reasons to choose fabric ducting for arena ventilation: it’s always tailormade for the space, it can cope with huge air volumes whilst providing the optimal air distribution and, for large scale projects like arenas, it is a cost-effective and convenient alternative to traditional rigid ducting. But more than that, the installation process of fabric ducting offers significant advantages in arenas and similar construction projects.

Installing our fabric ducting doesn’t require any special tools. We provide support and expert advice when you need it. Click here if you would like to know more about the installation options for Prihoda fabric ducts. Alternatively, get in touch for an informal chat about your project’s requirements.


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