Arena and concert hall ventilation

Low velocity for grand spaces – arena

Fabric ducting applications in large arenas and concert halls are a preferred option because of the large quantities of ducting required. It allow us to create significant cost savings by using fabric ducting.

These applications usually demand quite a lot of air be delivered over a large area. With a large surface area and long length, fabric ducting can easily deliver a high air volume at low velocity into these areas without unsettling the atmosphere or creating a lot of noise.

CFD modelling for air flow demonstration

Seated spectators are sensitive to wide temperature variants and draughts. With our bespoke approach to air distribution and excellent CFD modelling, we can accurately demonstrate the designed conditions for the occupied zones.

Targeted air patterns and velocities

Large spaces, such as halls and arenas, benefit from the economies of scale available from fabric ducting.  It will be significantly cheaper than equivalent sizes of rigid ducting and additionally will require much less secondary support infrastructure. Our fabric nozzle diffusers can throw long distances and provide quite targeted air patterns and velocities, ideal for these applications.

Discover Prihoda Art

Our Prihoda Art service can now offer customers and end users much greater design flexibility with the colour or graphics printed on the circumference of the fabric ducting, we can provide and colour, message or image making the ventilation system a powerful platform for additional brand messages or marketing.

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