Ideal office ventilation with SquAireTex


Imagine you sit down at your office desk and, minutes later, a cold draught hits you. As you reach for your jacket, you look around and notice that all your colleagues look comfortable. Or maybe the draught is too hot and the space around your desk – and only your desk – feels stuffy and oppressive. Sounds familiar? What if there were a better way? With Prihoda, there is: it’s called SquAireTex.

Prihoda SquAireTex detail

What is SquAireTex®?

SquAireTex is our answer to the poor air distribution commonly experienced in rooms with suspended ceilings, such as offices and reception areas. Designed to drop into place like a ceiling tile, SquAireTex is an innovative ceiling diffuser created to supply perfectly mixed, draught-free air, preventing the unpleasant dumping of hot or cold air on localised spots or office occupants.

Animation of SquAireTex Swirl airflow

Using a combination of fabric pockets and perforations, it gently mixes the supply air into the ambient air, avoiding common issues such as uncomfortably hot or cold spots, draughts, or stale air. And since it is made almost entirely of fabric, it is machine-washable just like our fabric ducts — no more AC cleaning headaches.

Where can you use SquAireTex?

SquAireTex is suitable for use anywhere with a suspended lay-in grid ceiling. It is designed to weigh less than the tile it replaces so that it can slot into place without requiring any anchoring, making installation quick and easy. It is perfect for applications where quiet, smooth, comfortable ventilation is required, such as offices and GP surgeries.

We offer three types of SquAireTex diffusing fabric tiles:

Different types of Prihoda SquAireTex tiles available

Swirl: our most popular option. Its sonic-welded fabric pockets are engineered to provide low-noise air supply, which blends with the air diffused through the laser-cut perforations to achieve a pleasant, low-velocity mixed air distribution. This style is more suitable to cover larger areas.

Flow: available in one or two directions, as well as a corner option. This style is best used where directional airflow is required, near walls or corners.

Perfo: uses laser-cut perforations only, without fabric air pockets. It provides gentle, localised free airflow.

We can make SquAireTex in any combination of our Prihoda Classic colours.

Prihoda SquAireTex colour combinations

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