Marquee Ventilation: 6 Reasons To Use Fabric Ducts

turquoise fabric ducts in a marquee


Marquee ventilation with a green fabric duct

Marquee ventilation is often neglected – that is, until problems occur. Like all structures, temporary installations generally need ventilation, even when they are set up outdoors. These are some of the reasons you should consider installing fabric ducting in your next marquee project.

Prevent excessive heat in summer – noiselessly

Marquees can become extremely hot in warm weather. Just like in a greenhouse, the heat accumulates unless it is vented. However, openings and vents are not always sufficient to cool down the marquee, especially in larger structures, very hot weather, or high attendance events. Fans are often used to prevent this issue, but they come at a cost: placing enough fans to generate the required airflow often leads to too much noise and high velocities. By contrast, with fabric ducts, we can provide excellent marquee ventilation quietly and without any draughts. This way, ambient temperatures inside the marquee can be kept pleasantly cool all through the summer.

Prevent cold spots in winter from uneven heating

There are many types of heaters designed for winter use in marquees and tents, but they heat the air with little provision for air distribution. In a large event with a significant crowd, heating may be uneven due to insufficient airflow, leading to unpleasantly cold spots. Using bespoke fabric ducting, we can design an optimal air distribution pattern for the space, ensuring comfortable, uniform temperatures throughout the areas occupied by event attendees.

Minimise condensation

Condensation is another potential issue in colder weather, especially if the marquee or tent is left up for relatively long periods. When warmer air rises and touches the cooler walls and ceiling of the structure, it deposits its moisture on the surfaces in the form of condensation. Condensation inside a marquee is not just unsightly; it can cause water drips from the ceiling and noxious mould. Thankfully, preventing it is trivial, as its chief cause is a lack of ventilation. Merely installing an effective marquee ventilation system with fabric diffusers can eliminate the risk of condensation.

Energy savings

Fabric ducts are a very efficient way to maintain the correct airflow in a marquee or other temporary structure. They direct conditioned air exactly where it is needed. Focusing the air distribution means that less warm air rises and loses its heat to the environment, even in cold weather, resulting in potentially substantial energy savings.


After all the work put into decorating a marquee for an event, why spoil it by installing unsightly fans or indoor heaters? You can enhance the marquee’s decoration with fabric diffusers, whether it is used for a product launch, an expo, or any corporate event. Fabric ducting can be designed to be discreet or to work as part of the decoration. You can even use them to strengthen your branding by using our Prihoda Art service.

Lightweight and easy to install

Because they are made of specialist fabric material, Prihoda fabric ducts are surprisingly lightweight. The classic material is only 200g/m2. We also offer a specially developed lightweight material, perfect for light structures and temporary applications such as marquees and event tents.

How can we help?

Expert design

We can design air ventilation systems to address the requirements of most environments. Using our specialised software and a wide range of materials and diffuser types to choose from, we can finetune the air distribution of our textile ventilation ducts to precise parameters.

Installation services

We provide comprehensive advice on how to install our fabric ducts. Take a look at our installation videos for details. For utmost convenience, we also offer installation services.

Specialist advice

With over two decades of experience designing and installing fabric duct systems in temporary structures, we understand the practical aspects of this type of project. If you would like to discuss your requirements with us, please get in touch.


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