Membrane Systems

example of Prihoda fabric sock membrane cooling

Membrane Systems

Membrane diffusers allow one duct to provide 2 systems. The top half of the duct is the cooling diffuser and the bottom half the heating diffuser – with a non-permeable membrane installed inside the duct separating the two different types of diffusers.

When cooling a motor (supplied) will move the membrane to block the heating diffusers along the bottom of the duct allowing the cool air to fall gently under its own density from the diffusers on top of the duct.

In heating mode the motor will move the membrane to block the cooling diffusers along the top of the duct and that will open the heating diffusers. The heating air with less density is directed straight into the occupied zone to heat the space without draughts.

This system is ideal where you have two distinct opposite cooling and heating requirements in one application and is a clever way to ensure you will always have the perfect air pattern without compromising on velocity or draughts. For more information on membrane diffusers click here.

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