Prihoda Art: How To Order Custom Printed Fabric Ducts

Fabric ducting with Prihoda Art printed graphics

When you think of fabric ducting, what do you think of? Air? Construction work? For most people, fabric ducting is a strictly practical technical product. It’s mainly installed to fulfil a building’s air and ventilation requirements and ensure that all indoor areas are safe and suitable for the activities that take place within. But did you know they can double as interior design elements? By carefully selecting the colour or sometimes the layout of the fabric ducting, you can take advantage of the aesthetic qualities of Prihoda fabric ducts to enhance and refresh interiors. Building services don’t need to be ugly.

Prihoda Art

Textile ducting can give a pleasing softness to a room. Often, simply using one of our 9 stock colours is enough to complement the décor but, sometimes, a special colour is just what you need to achieve the right look. Using a distinctive pattern or motif can also go a long way towards making a unified but unique scheme with fabric ducting. For these cases, we offer Prihoda Art, our dedicated professional fabric printing service to help you realise your design ideas.

Why print designs on fabric ducting?

Aesthetics are the main reason our customers choose custom printed fabric ducts, but there are many other reasons to do it. Logos and brand graphics can be tiled, or printed at specific locations on the ducts. For example, in a lobby or reception area, the company logo could be shown prominently on the ducting. When visitors walk into the premises, they will know straight away that they’re in the right place. In the waiting area, positive imagery and text can bring a sense of ease and tranquillity to visitors.


In office buildings and business settings, special colours can be used to strengthen the company identity and support a sense of community among employees. Research shows that the interior design of a workplace can impact the wellbeing, motivation and morale of the business’ employees.

In a retail environment, the customer experience is greatly influenced by the appearance of the store. Exposing the customer to branding, logos and brand colours reinforces brand identity and makes it more likely that they will remember it next time they are out shopping.

In industrial and commercial settings, using prints, patterns and corporate colours can unify and enhance the company aesthetic, creating a cohesive and polished visual design for the premises.

With the right positioning, showing your logo or slogan on fabric ducting can be an impactful way to strengthen your brand.

Fabric ducting with Prihoda Art printed graphics

How to order fabric ducting with Prihoda Art?

Ordering fabric ducting with Prihoda Art is just as easy as ordering any other type of Prihoda fabric ducts. Let us know at quoting stage that you’d like to have custom artwork or colours on your ducts, and we will include the option on the quotation sheet. From that point on, the only difference is that you must provide the graphics and tell us where on the duct they need to be printed.

What’s required?

Ideally, the files should be supplied in a vector format such as .svg or .eps. This allows us to scale the design without losing resolution, which gives a much better result when they are printed onto the duct. It’s the difference between a pixelated, blurry image and a crisp and clear printed design. This is particularly important with fine print patterns and motifs.

It is also very useful to show us where on the duct you would like the printed design. We can print designs and logos anywhere along the duct, including the cap ends. We can also tile the design across the surface of the ducts, or distribute multiple graphics in different ways on the surface, for example, an even distribution or concentrating the graphics on one side of the duct. With Prihoda Art you’re in control of your fabric duct design.

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