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When To Use Fabric Diffusers Instead Of Stock Diffusers?


Always designed especially for each application

Fabric ducts are perfect for those tricky projects with complex air requirements. We can mix and match microperforations, laser-cut perforations and nozzles to create any number of air distribution patterns.

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Recent projects

Some places enjoying the benefits of Prihoda fabric ducts…

  • Environmental control for picking tunnels at a major UK delivery company
  • Regular washing all systems in production for a food production facility
  • New ducts for an Amazon warehouse
  • Spares and maintenance changeover for a rail control centre



State-of-the-art laser cutting

With the recent upgrades of our laser cutting machines, production is quicker, more accurate and much more efficient. What took several passes can now be achieved all in one operation, ensuring that our fabric ducting reaches customers even quicker.

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