Industrial ventilation

What is industrial ventilation?

Industrial ventilation can cover many industries. We have a wide variety of materials and outlet diffusers designed to help ventilation engineers find the right combination for almost any industrial application.

Typically, industrial ventilation system requirements are categorised as ‘Specialist’ in that there is some process or operational requirement, such as low air velocity for a weighing machine; ‘General’ with no specific requirement beyond the need to ventilate/condition the space or process; or ‘Large Scale’, when there is a large space or volume of air to be accommodated.

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How can industrial ventilation improve air flow?

We have excellent classic and premium polyester materials which are flame retardant and cleanroom non-fibre shedding quality that will suit the majority of industrial ventilation ducting applications. In addition to these, we have heavy duty PVC coated materials, transparent, non-combustible glass fibre, water repellent and light weight materials which might be specified by ventilation engineers in certain situations.

We have materials to suit most industrial ducting circumstances, including HVAC, please just contact us to let us know your requirements. Our industrial ventilation systems are very versatile and are suitable for most if not all applications!

Is industrial ventilation suitable for my application?

Using Prihoda industrial air vents in an industrial application will provide you with bespoke systems designed to operate exactly as required by the project.  We think through the appropriate materials, system configuration and air patterns because they all are designed specifically and individually for each application.

Our industrial ventilation ducting systems come with a standard 10 year warranty, a huge range of colours and enormous savings over traditional rigid duct and grille systems. We really can ensure that you have the most appropriate and cost effective industrial ducting supplies for your application.

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