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laboratory benches with air diffusers overhead


Laboratory make up air ventilation design

Laboratories typically require quite large volumes of make-up air to replace the air extracted through fume cupboards and other equipment.  Using a traditional ventilation system with rigid ducting and grilles could create issues with draughts affecting staff and fume cupboard sensors (which trip the fume cupboard extract when sensing a slight draught). Prihoda Fabric Ducts are […]

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retail building ceiling with fabric ducting at The Farm


Fabric Ducting in Retail applications

Prihoda Textile diffusers offer a huge saving over traditional ducting in retail projects – and as every duct is custom designed to match the application they offer much better air distribution and control of velocities over customers in the occupied zone.  We’ve completed projects for IKEA, John Lewis, Decathlon, The Farm (gourmet farm shop) and […]

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Prihoda Rectangular Extract Duct


Fabric Extract Duct

Prihoda are the only Fabric Ducting company to offer an extract duct as a standard production product. Normally of course we require positive system pressure to inflate the fabric duct and deliver the air. The problem with a negative pressure or extract duct is that, being fabric, it would normally just collapse. We stop this […]

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industrial washing and drying machines


Prihoda Washing and Maintenance Services

The Problem Our washing services have been available for many years now. Based upon the high hygiene standards in the UK food industry food manufacturers ask us to schedule their Air Sock cleaning either once or twice a year, depending upon the type of area the fabric duct is installed in or the type of […]

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food factory installation showing advantages of fabric ventilation


Food Based Applications

Food based applications is probably our largest sector at Prihoda UK. We offer food ventilation systems, food air sock systems and air sock cleaning services  – look here for more on our food fabric ducting services. Here we’ve created a gallery page with a mix of UK and European food projects for you to enjoy…. […]

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