laboratory benches with air diffusers overhead

Laboratory make up air ventilation design


Laboratory make up air ventilation design Laboratories typically require quite large volumes of make-up air to replace the air extracted through fume cupboards and other equipment.  Using a traditional ventilation…

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retail building ceiling with fabric ducting at The Farm

Fabric Ducting in Retail applications


Fabric Ducting in Retail applications Prihoda Textile diffusers offer a huge saving over traditional ducting in retail projects - and as every duct is custom designed to match the application…

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Prihoda Rectangular Extract Duct

Fabric Extract Duct


Fabric Extract Duct Prihoda are the only fabric ducting company to offer an extract duct as a standard production product. Normally, of course, this requires positive system pressure to inflate…

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industrial washing and drying machines

Prihoda Washing and Maintenance Services


Prihoda Washing and Maintenance Services: The Problem Our washing services have been available for many years now. Based upon the high hygiene standards in the UK food industry food manufacturers…

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food factory installation showing advantages of fabric ventilation

Food Based Applications


Food-based Applications Food based applications is probably our largest sector at Prihoda UK. We offer food ventilation systems, food air sock systems and air sock cleaning services  - look here…

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