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A fabric duct is usually a very straightforward method of air distribution. At its most basic level, it is essentially a fabric tube with perforations or nozzles through which the air will exit into the room. As all our ducting is designed bespoke, our designs are typically set and forget – they are made for the specific project, always considering the desired air pattern, the application, the location, and every other parameter that might affect the diffusers’ performance.

However, it’s not always possible to predict every detail of the room where the ducts will be located. For example, sometimes the dimensions of the room are provisional, or there will be architectural features added at a later date for which the project manager may not have exact dimensions. It can also be the case that, in some applications, the way the space is used might change later on. For instance, in distribution and fulfilment centres, the equipment layout can change occasionally to accommodate business needs. That’s why Prihoda has developed a range of flexible features to accommodate any such eventuality. From easy to tweak lengths to variable nozzles, these are some of the features we have designed to ensure that your fabric ducting fits just the way it should.

Adjustable lengths and bends

Prihoda fabric ducts are made in short sections which are zipped together to create the whole system. If the exact dimensions of the available space are unknown, we can replace a standard section with a special adaptable section, making a successful fabric duct installation even easier. There are two types of variable sections: adjustable lengths and adjustable bends.

Adjustable length sections have eight straps sewn around the circumference. They can be set to any length between 500mm and 1500mm, simply by loosening or tightening the straps. The sections are made of the same material as the rest of the duct. When they are shortened, the fabric material gathers slightly on one end of the section to adapt to the required length. We make the adjustable section a wider diameter than the rest of the ducting to prevent losing too much pressure from the different inner surface texture. Sections with adjustable lengths can be very useful where only small tweaks are necessary. It’s also possible to use multiple adjustable length sections at different points of the fabric duct.

But the length of the ducting isn’t the only feature that can be modified if required. For complex setups with several bends, we can manufacture adjustable fabric bends that follow a similar principle as the adjustable length sections. Simply pull and tighten the straps on one side to make the angle of the bend just right for the duct installation. Adjustable bends do not require a bigger diameter – they have a similar pressure drop as other bends.

Adjustable lengths and bends are a very practical solution in new builds for industrial premises, especially when it comes to time crunches that can quickly introduce uncertainty in the dimensions of the finished room.

Adjustable large nozzles

In long throw applications, such as high bay warehouses and fulfilment centres, we typically use large fabric nozzles to deliver the air. These are nozzles with a diameter of 80mm upwards, which are able to blow air up to 30 metres away from the nozzle. However, in some applications the layout of the premises can change, for example because of equipment changes. In these cases, we can use variable large nozzles. They are available in two types: adjustable nozzles, whose diameter can be changed, and directed nozzles, whose throw direction is modifiable. And just like the features above, they are easy to adjust whenever necessary.

Prihoda adjustable nozzle

This type of large nozzle is particularly good for industrial applications, where business and production needs can lead to changes in how the premises are used. By using adjustable nozzles, there is no need to replace the entire duct to maintain the ideal air distribution for the space. They are designed to make any changes quick and easy.

All our adjustable features are made of the same textile material as the rest of the fabric duct. That means they have the exact same physical properties: negligible fibre shedding, suitable for cleanrooms, very low maintenance and very easy to wash if required. Our Classic and Premium materials come with a 10-year warranty by standard.

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