Fabric Nozzles: What They Are, Where They’re Used And Why

Small Prihoda fabric nozzle detail

Prihoda duct with nozzles

Selecting the right diffusers for an air sock system is as important as using the optimal layout. Because they’re made of fabric, Prihoda ducts can diffuse air anywhere along their length using permeable material, microperforations or laser-cut perforations.
But what if the space requires directed air? For long throw or narrow air patterns, we can use our unique fabric nozzles.

We make them in two sizes, both from the same textile material as the air socks themselves:

  • Small nozzles, available in 20mm, 30mm and 40mm diameters.
  • Large nozzles, starting at 80mm upwards.


What makes Prihoda nozzles different?

Unlimited potential

Unlike traditional ductwork grilles and diffusers, fabric nozzles offer endless flexibility. They can be aligned into rows, staggered, or set in a defined direction. They can even be grouped into specific sections of the duct, each with its own airflow characteristics, engineered to suit the space to perfection.

Additionally, large nozzles can be directional or fitted with dampers to regulate airflow or close it off altogether.

Large directed fabric nozzles


Made to last

Our nozzles are guaranteed to never fall out. Small nozzles are sonic welded using a high-tech controlled manufacturing process that ensures a perfect material bond with the rest of the duct. Large nozzles are securely sewn, resulting in a lightweight fixing which, despite its strength, will not cause distortion from local stresses. In addition, Prihoda fabric nozzles are not vulnerable to abrasion wear during washing, unlike their stiffer plastic counterparts.

Small Prihoda fabric nozzle detail


Flame resistant

Unlike plastic nozzles, Prihoda fabric nozzles are flame resistant, self-extinguishing and don’t turn into flaming droplets. See for yourself:


A perfect colour match

Since our nozzles are made from the same fabric as the ducts, they will always be an exact colour match, wash after wash, year after year. The material properties are also identical. That means the same cleanroom ISO 4 certification, strength, and colourfast finish. And when the ducts are made using the antistatic, antibacterial or recycled material options, so are the nozzles.

Where are they used?

Nozzles are generally used when we want to achieve a very precise directed air pattern, especially when carrying warmer (less dense) air. They tend to entrain less surrounding air than laser-cut perforations.

Nozzles are particularly suited to long-throw applications, like sports halls, arenas, and high bay warehousing.

Precise air distribution achieved with Prihoda fabric nozzles

High bay warehouses

Ventilation systems in high bay warehouses are mounted at a large height, but their racks can block the flow of air. Nozzles allow us to direct air all the way to the occupied zone where it is needed most.

Swimming pools

Swimming pools are large spaces with very particular requirements. By using nozzles, we can supply enough air for the space while aiming it away from temperature-sensitive wet bodies in the occupied zone. We can even direct air at the glazing to prevent condensation.


Prihoda fabric nozzles can be used in all sorts of applications. They are supremely flexible, available in a wide range of sizes, and configurable to achieve precise airflow patterns.

For more examples of our work, please take a look at our case studies. Or get in touch to discuss your project’s requirements.

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