Agricultural Ventilation

Agricultural ventilation

Agricultural ventilation is essential for animal health and hygiene. It has an important impact on feed rates, animal development and stock security. Over the years, we have designed and installed many fabric duct systems to fulfil these unique requirements. Prihoda fabric ducts are suitable for a wide range of agricultural and processing environments, from cattle rearing sheds to state-of-the-art vertical farming facilities.

Large animals

Prihoda fabric ducts are always bespoke and can be adapted to each stage of meat processing’s specific requirements. In large animal housing such as cattle sheds, accumulated heat due to poor ventilation can affect yields, slowing down calving and milk production. Using a tailormade air ventilation system with fabric ducts ensures the optimal ambient temperature is always maintained, supporting animal welfare and allowing excellent production output.

In processing facilities, temperature control is the top priority. There must be adequate cooling for both the production space and the product itself to achieve the deep core temperatures necessary for product quality. With Prihoda fabric ducts, the air distribution pattern can be engineered to precise parameters, ensuring low-velocity airflow is provided where it is needed, minimising evaporative product loss and airborne and aerosol contamination. And because they are made of textile material, they can be washed when necessary to keep them clean and hygienic at all times.

Poultry houses

Poultry houses require more ventilation than it seems at first glance to ensure the health of the birds they contain. Without proper ventilation, the air composition changes, leading to higher concentrations of CO2, ammonia, and even airborne pathogens. Inadequate airflow can cause a damp environment in winter and excessive heat in summer, both of which are detrimental to the birds’ health. In short: adequate ventilation produces healthier chickens, leading to better production and higher quality.

Prihoda fabric ducts are ideal in chicken sheds. Fully washable and with antibacterial properties, they are the hygienic option for agricultural ventilation. Using fabric diffusers instead of external vents minimises the risk of vermin entering the chicken shed. And as always, the air distribution is carefully engineered to provide draught-free, gentle ventilation.

Fabric duct ventilation in vertical farms

Vertical farming

Vertical farming under LED lighting is a growing sector of Prihoda’s agricultural work, with dozens of systems supplied to multiple projects over the last few years. Ventilation is crucial to crop production in vertical farming facilities. To support plant growth, vertical farming systems require a carefully controlled environment kept at the right temperature, relative humidity and airflow. Delivering the correct environmental conditions can be challenging due to the compact dimensions of a typical vertical farm. With Prihoda fabric ducts, we can design the layout to fit the facilities’ dimensions precisely, producing an even distribution of conditioned air at every level of the vertical farm without sacrificing the farm’s space savings or sustainability.

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