Food Manufacturing Air Socks Design

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Food Manufacturing Air Sock Design

Food facilities have some quite specific demands that make fabric ducts (air socks) particularly suited to these applications. There is no better way to deliver high volumes of very cold air without a draught, and the surface area of duct within the space creates perfect air distribution throughout the room/facility.

Prihoda air socks have been designed and developed specifically with food facilities in mind – this is an engineered product specifically for food, not a system adapted or evolved over the years. Prihoda material offers:

  • Cleanroom classified material with non-fibre shedding material guaranteed (ISO4 / Class 10 standard)
  • Anti-bacterial treatment (with embedded silver)
  • Micro-perforation diffuser technology – eliminates or reduces dust blockage creating more efficient systems
  • Flame Retardant material (BSEN 13501-1 to B-s1-d0)
  • A choice of 9 stock colours at no additional cost (printing of any colour, pattern. logo or message available)
  • No shrink and non hygroscopic material
  • 10 years warranty

Prihoda also offer an air sock food cleaning and maintenance service specifically tailored to food manufacturers offering:

  • An in-house laundry facility
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal washing as standard
  • Low temperature washing and drying (we have a special low temperature drier) normal tumble drying temperatures will damage the air socks
  • Repair and alteration services
  • Long term dry storage
  • Installation and removal services
  • Rolling annual contracts for repeated removal, cleaning and storage
  • Replacement / spare systems

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