Improve Restaurant Diner Comfort With Fabric Ducting

Fabric sock in ceiling in a bar area


It’s no secret that fabric ducts were originally invented for the food manufacturing industry. They are still commonly used in industrial applications, but they are suitable for so much more. Prihoda fabric ducts can be used wherever occupant comfort is a priority. Take, for example, a museum or art gallery. Any perceptible noise will detract from the visitor’s enjoyment. They might intend to immerse themselves in the story told by the exhibits, but noise from services can easily spoil the experience. Likewise in a clothing store: no one wants to try on clothes in a cold and draughty environment. That’s where fabric ducting comes in. Wherever you need conditioned air, Prihoda fabric ducts can diffuse it gently and quietly.

Restaurants are no exception. They come in all sizes and budget ranges, from the cosy and quaint family restaurant to the high-capacity utilitarian university canteen, and they all require comfortable airflow to keep customers happy. Because in the end, customer satisfaction is the main priority.

Benefits of improving diner comfort

Cafe area with fabric ductsOf the many reasons to be mindful of diner comfort, probably the most compelling one from the business owner’s point of view is how it affects customer satisfaction and retention – and therefore the bottom line. The hospitality industry runs on notoriously thin profit margins, and it’s an established fact that repeat customers are cheaper to serve than new customers. There’s huge savings to be made from encouraging customer retention and loyalty. By increasing customer loyalty, you can greatly reduce customer acquisition costs. Reaching new customers can cost up to five times more than repeat customers for the same business. What’s more, loyal customers spend more at each visit than new customers. It stands to reason that focusing on increasing customer loyalty is a good strategy for restaurant owners.

Customer loyalty is a combination of excellent service, optimal pricing and an enjoyable dining experience. This last point relies heavily on providing the right atmosphere and pleasant environment. So, what exactly makes a pleasant environment?

  • Décor – aesthetically-pleasing surroundings make for a more enjoyable visit.
  • Sound levels – music can provide ambiance to a restaurant, whereas excessive noise from services can tarnish the experience.
  • Temperature and draughts – too hot or too cold can be very uncomfortable for customers. Similarly, an overly draughty dining environment can make the room feel oversized and impersonal or less cosy.

How to improve diner comfort with fabric ducting

Fabric ductingRestaurant area with Prihoda fabric ducting is a great choice for areas where draughts must be limited. In a restaurant, seated customers are more sensitive to draughts, which can potentially be an issue wherever you are supplying air at a different temperature than the air in the room, e.g., if you’re trying to cool the room. The best way to minimise draughts is to ensure you use a carefully selected and designed diffuser.

Fabric ducts are designed bespoke to make the most of the fan units and the premises’ particular features. All perforations or nozzles are calculated precisely to supply the air where it’s needed and how it’s needed. By diffusing the air through fabric ducts, you can ensure that no draughts or temperature fluctuation will be getting in the way of your guests’ dining experience.

Avoiding excessive draughts also helps maintain a comfortable temperature in dining areas. Seated guests are also more sensitive to air temperature fluctuations during their meal. Research shows that while the dining area should be slightly cooler than the rest of the premises, ensuring that the temperature is consistent is even more important, even if it happens to be a little below or above the ideal temperature.  Finally, by making all fabric ducts bespoke for the application, Prihoda can ensure that noise from the air supply is always minimised, ensuring a much more comfortable environment for restaurant customers.

Why Prihoda?

We have two decades of experience designing fabric ducting solutions for restaurants and retail applications. We can analyse your particular requirements and offer expert advise and support on how to achieve the results you want. Just drop us a line or give us a call to discuss your project’s requirements. We can take care of the entire process from duct design to manufacture, delivering textile ducts that provide the ideal air distribution for your restaurant environment.

Prihoda fabric ducts come with a 10-year warranty for the Classic material and are available in 9 stock colours at no extra charge.

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