Hay Fever Season – Can Ventilation Help? It Depends


As hay fever season gains momentum this month, 1 in 5 adults across the UK will begin to suffer from itchy eyes, sneezing, congestion and general fatigue. Grass, tree and…

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A classroom in Eastwood High School with fabric ducting

Eastwood High School, Scotland


Eastwood High School is a first-class comprehensive school in Scotland. The school provides a wide range of subjects and opportunities for study and encourages the highest standards from its pupils.…

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view of classroom ceiling mounted air sock ventilation

Classroom Fabric Ducting


Classroom Fabric Ducting Schools and Academies are common applications for Prihoda fabric ducting. This example is the project we supplied for Eastwood School, Glasgow. Prihoda delivered in excess of 220…

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ducting in biology classroom

Eastwood School – Glasgow


Eastwood School - Glasgow Prihoda have supplied over 220 ducts to a Glasgow School for cooling, heating and tempered fresh air in each classroom served by the fabric ducting. All…

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laboratory ventilation with ventilation ducts

University of York, Chemistry Lab


University of York - Chemistry Labs We recently supplied over 20 fabric ducts to the Chemistry Labs at the University of York. The labs are used extensively by students as…

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