Prihoda REVIT fabric ducting design plugin


Prihoda REVIT fabric ducting design plugin Prihoda fabric ducting is custom made for every single project - no two projects are identical making every fabric duct different in terms of…

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retail building ceiling with fabric ducting at The Farm

The Farm (Gourmet Farmshop)


The Farm (Gourmet Farmshop) The Farm located at Snitterfield, near Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire is a unique food destination that showcases local artisan produce and promotes wholesome, home grown…

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food factory installation showing advantages of fabric ventilation

Advantages of fabric ducting


Advantage of fabric ducting There are many advantages of choosing fabric ducting over a more traditional rigid system, but the main point to take away from this post is that…

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Swimming Pools


Swimming Pools Swimming pools are a popular application for Prihoda. Each scheme is bespoke and has many advantages over using a traditional rigid system. Fabric ducting is made from 100%…

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Fabric Duct Calculator


Fabric Duct Calculator Use our online calculator to size or check sizing of all the basic shapes of fabric ducting. By inputting the airflow, diameter or velocity, or a combination…

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Eden Project requirements

Eden Project


Eden Project Prihoda was specified to design and supply high quality fabric ducting systems for a restaurant area within the Eden Project. The duct provided two distinct air patterns. At…

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Prihoda Art


Prihoda Art At Prihoda we are always looking at ways to innovate, to solve problems or create improved performance and with our in-house printing technology, With Prihoda Art, we can…

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