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retail building ceiling with fabric ducting at The Farm


Fabric Ducting in Retail applications

Prihoda Textile diffusers offer a huge saving over traditional ducting in retail projects – and as every duct is custom designed to match the application they offer much better air distribution and control of velocities over customers in the occupied zone.  We’ve completed projects for IKEA, John Lewis, Decathlon, The Farm (gourmet farm shop) and […]

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office fabric ducting in situ


Office fabric ducting with Prihoda

Offices present some interesting problems with regard to air movement and temperature. Also, office environments are extremely sensitive to draughts and yet can require some quite significant cooling and heating air movement. Cassette air conditioning often creates draughts under cooling and this encapsulates the problem, how does one installation cater for both demands? What is […]

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Queen Mary University basement workspace with fabric duct ventilation


Queen Mary University – Fabric Ducting

Queen Mary University – London – Fabric Ducting Back in 2010 Prihoda UK provided the Fabric Ducting system for the new Library and Meeting area at Queen Mary University (QMU) in London. Essentially chosen as the method of distributing fresh air into the bowels of the building, the bright red flame retardant ducts stand out […]

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Whitmore High School External View


Successful fabric ducting installation at London’s Whitmore High School

Whitmore High School sports hall and canteen It is well documented that poor air quality and high temperatures can negatively affect student performance.  When outdoor air supply is increased, children perform both linguistic and numerical tasks faster and more accurately. The same phenomena has been recorded with a drop in temperature of as little as […]

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Temple Street Children’s Hospital


Fabric ducting in healthcare settings

Our work at the Temple Street Children’s University Hospital in Dublin Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children is a healthcare institution known, loved, and respected around the world for the life-saving and ground-breaking medical treatment it dispenses to the very youngest and vulnerable in society. For many people in Ireland, the Temple Street Children’s University […]

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Clarks shoes Distribution warehouse Fabric Ducting


Clarks Shoes – Prihoda provides spot cooling

Clarks Shoes Distribution Warehouse. Clarks distribution warehouse is a vast area and during summer conditions working around the racking and mezzanine areas can get incredibly warm for the employees.  Clarks approached our customer for an innovative solution to provide spot cooling for employees working around the racking and picking conveyors.  Working with our customer, an environmental systems […]

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