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Captain Fawcett’s Emporium


The Company Captain Fawcett is a world-renowned manufacturer of men’s grooming products, from fragrances to beard grooming kits. Since Richie Finney (the Captain himself) launched the brand with his first…

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Clean room with half round Prihoda fabric ducting.

How To Select Fabric Duct Material


One of the many advantages of fabric ducting is that it is always made especially for each particular application. Every aspect of a design is carefully chosen to address the…

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blue microperforated fabric ducting

Not All Recycled Plastics Are The Same


Recent interest in the environment has driven many consumers to choose eco-friendly products made of biodegradable or recycled materials. Products claiming to be recycled are more available than ever, from…

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Eden Project eco-friendly fabric ducting

Green Building with Fabric Ducts and Diffusers


What is Green Building? A ‘green building’ or sustainable building is designed to be as kind to the environment as is practical with current technology, construction techniques and materials. As…

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carrier bag floating in the ocean

Recycled Material – 100% Post Consumer


Recycled Material - 100% Post Consumer In these days of focus on sustainability, Prihoda offers a recycled fabric ducting that is made from used plastic water bottles. We use 13…

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fabric ducting close up of how made

Prihoda material – simple right?


Prihoda Material - Simple Right? Prihoda fabrics used in our fabric ducting have been specially engineered and refined over the years to provide an optimum material fit for purpose. Not…

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