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industrial washing and drying machines


Prihoda Washing and Maintenance Services

The Problem Our washing services have been available for many years now. Based upon the high hygiene standards in the UK food industry food manufacturers ask us to schedule their Air Sock cleaning either once or twice a year, depending upon the type of area the fabric duct is installed in or the type of […]

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food factory installation showing advantages of fabric ventilation


Advantages of fabric ducting

There are many advantages of choosing fabric ducting over a more traditional rigid system, but the main point to take away from this post is that every fabric ducting system is designed and manufactured from scratch, so there is no stock.  This means that the duct has been optimally designed for the space it serves.  […]

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clean fabric ducts


How to clean fabric ducts

We have spent thousands developing our own in house washing facility to clean fabric ducts, where we inspect, wash/treat and cool dry our customers fabric ducting products (no matter who made them), to ensure that we’re giving the very best care to every system we look after.  However, many companies want to make their own […]

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Fabric ducting maintenance


Fabric ducting maintenance and washing services

Prihoda UK Ltd. is responsible for the design and supply of fabric ducting systems throughout the UK and Ireland.  We have over 1,000 systems installed and fully operational and have been designing and installing systems for over 20 years. Designing and installing a system that meets the needs of the customer is only one part […]

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Temple Street Children’s Hospital


Fabric ducting in healthcare settings

Our work at the Temple Street Children’s University Hospital in Dublin Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children is a healthcare institution known, loved, and respected around the world for the life-saving and ground-breaking medical treatment it dispenses to the very youngest and vulnerable in society. For many people in Ireland, the Temple Street Children’s University […]

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