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Ideal office ventilation with SquAireTex

Imagine you sit down at your office desk and, minutes later, a cold draught hits you. As you reach for your jacket, you look around and notice that all your colleagues look comfortable. Or maybe the draught is too hot and the space around your desk – and only your desk – feels stuffy and […]

Sick Building Syndrome: Can An Office Make You Sick?

What Is Sick Building Syndrome? Sick building syndrome is the common name for the general illness and symptoms experienced by the occupants of a building. It is far more common in open-plan offices, but it can be a problem in any building, especially if it is crowded or poorly ventilated. Typical symptoms are: fatigue and […]

Exposed Ductwork: Design Ideas Which Pack A Punch

Why aesthetics matter It’s easy to get bogged down on the practical aspects of building services and forget the people who will ultimately use them. In ventilation design, there is a tendency to try to hide conduits, ducts and grilles or, conversely, accept them as an ugly but necessary evil. At Prihoda, we believe our […]

Fabric Nozzles: What They Are, Where They’re Used And Why

Selecting the right diffusers for an air sock system is as important as using the optimal layout. Because they’re made of fabric, Prihoda ducts can diffuse air anywhere along their length using permeable material, microperforations or laser-cut perforations. But what if the space requires directed air? For long throw or narrow air patterns, we can […]

Hygienic ventilation for the food industry

  When designing a food processing factory, one must consider every component: from the layout of the plant to the surface finish of the equipment within. The stakes are very high. Food contamination is a cause of foodborne illness, but also spoilage. Worldwide, the loss of food stock through microbial contamination and spoilage costs businesses […]

Extract Ducting

Extract Ducting That’s right – you can have a fabric duct system for extract.  We make a square or rectangular duct which is held in place by a four sided rigid frame.  You can use this system as traditionally rectangular shaped supply air system or as an extract duct. The duct slides into the four […]

Sports hall ventilation design

How to ventilate a sport hall effectively Sports hall ventilation can be quite a challenge.  There could be a range of issues to overcome with the design.  Due to the nature of a sports hall, ducts are usually required to be mounted at a high level (often over 10m).  The supplied air temperature needs to […]

Large Spaces: Warehouse/Long throw/High bay design

Designing for large spaces In a warehouse with high ceilings and large volumes, it is important to get the correct mix of throw and distribution to meet the needs of the  space or product being stored/distributed. It’s all about distributing and targeting the air where it needs to be. Traditionally steel ducting with large nozzle […]

Micro-Perforations in Fabric Ducts

Micro-Perforations in Fabric Ducts How do Micro-Perforations work? Micro-perforations are an amazing innovation and allow us so much more flexibility than conventional Permeable Only Fabric Ducts.  Originally, fabric ducting companies squeezed air through the weave of the material when cooling, but this creates issues with dust blockage. In order to stop squeezing the air through […]

Antistatic material

Antistatic Material Antistatic material is generally referred to as any material which inhibits the build-up of an electric charge by the rubbing or contact with another material. For instance, if static has built up on your body, and you start handling delicate electronic components, the sudden discharge of current from your body can be enough […]

HELIX fabric ducting

Helix Fabric Ducting Spiral Reinforcement Helix fabric ducting is when a metal spiral covered in fabric is inserted inside of the diffuser. It maintains a permanently cylindrical shape with a stretched fabric duct. The spacing of the internal spiral is managed by longitudinal textile straps. Helix  fabric ducts can be any length, but are made […]

Food Manufacturing Air Socks Design

Food Manufacturing Air Sock Design. Food facilities have some quite specific demands that make fabric ducts (air socks) particularly suited to these applications. There is no better way to deliver high volumes of very cold air without a draught, and the surface area of duct within the space creates perfect air distribution throughout the room/facility. […]

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