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What Prevents Good Ventilation in Schools?

Good ventilation is gaining relevance as the pandemic continues to unfold around the world. But ventilation has always been important for our health. Every day, more people are beginning to truly recognise the consequences of poor air circulation in indoor spaces – not least for school-age children, who spend many hours each day sharing classroom […]

Why Use Fabric Ducts For Swimming Pool Ventilation?

Summer is here, and with summer comes sunshine, holidays and hot days. It’s the perfect weather to visit the local swimming pool, especially with life slowly returning to normal. Swimming pools are sure to be a favourite in the coming months. For project engineers and facilities managers, that means more projects involving new installation, upgrades […]

Hay Fever Season – Can Ventilation Help? It Depends

As hay fever season gains momentum this month, 1 in 5 adults across the UK will begin to suffer from itchy eyes, sneezing, congestion and general fatigue. Grass, tree and weed pollen travels through air currents and into environments such as homes and offices. Conventional wisdom suggests that hay fever sufferers should keep all windows […]

Fabric Diffusers for Displacement Ventilation – A Perfect Match

We often think of ‘ventilation’ in terms of air mixing. A traditional ventilation system circulates high momentum supply air and mixes it into the existing air in the room. The idea is that the air coming in through the ventilation system will dilute the stale air already present, resulting in lower pollutant concentrations and better […]

Retail Ventilation: Creating A Better Shopping Experience With Prihoda Fabric Ducts

Imagine you are out shopping. The window display of an independent boutique store catches your eye. As you walk through the entrance, you begin to feel the stifling effect of stale air enveloping you. Staying to browse through the stock doesn’t seem so appealing anymore. Sounds familiar? Every indoor environment requires ventilation, even if it […]

Made To Last: Why We Make Our Air Socks The Way We Do

At Prihoda, we design all our products from first principles. We carefully select the scope, features, materials, and every detail that makes each product something we can be proud of. This includes the manufacturing methods used for each element. Prihoda has chosen a range of production processes and techniques designed to achieve the best possible […]

Membrane Diffusers: What They Are And Where To Use Them

One of the significant benefits of using fabric ducting is that, unlike rigid ducting, it doesn’t require balancing. Every system is bespoke and is designed to deliver the exact airflow parameters specified for the application. This works very well in places with relatively stable conditions, such as in food manufacturing or meat processing facilities, where […]

How To Select Fabric Duct Material

One of the many advantages of fabric ducting is that it is always made especially for each particular application. Every aspect of a design is carefully chosen to address the requirements of the project. Material selection is no exception. But with a wide range of materials available, how can we ensure that we’re making the […]

Marquee Ventilation: 6 Reasons To Use Fabric Ducts

  Marquee ventilation is often neglected – that is, until problems occur. Like all structures, temporary installations generally need ventilation, even when they are set up outdoors. These are some of the reasons you should consider installing fabric ducting in your next marquee project. Prevent excessive heat in summer – noiselessly Marquees can become extremely […]

Not All Recycled Plastics Are The Same

Recent interest in the environment has driven many consumers to choose eco-friendly products made of biodegradable or recycled materials. Products claiming to be recycled are more available than ever, from consumer products to construction materials. But not all recycled plastics are created equal – some are more sustainable than others. Post-consumer vs post-industrial recycled plastic […]

Fabric Duct Longevity and Durability

When people first hear about fabric ducts, they often have many questions about them: how do they stay inflated? Why fabric and not sheet steel? What about vibration? But the most common reservation we encounter is: how long do they last? Many people assume fabric ducts are a temporary solution, but for long term durability, […]

Why Use Fabric Ducts in Ventilation Retrofitting

Why retrofit? Indoor ventilation has become a hot topic in recent months. Its importance to human health cannot be overstated. There is a renewed drive to utilise health-promoting heating and ventilation systems in construction projects, from institutional buildings to housing blocks, in an effort to maintain public health. While this is a trivial matter in […]

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