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Cinema Ventilation: Fresh Air Without the Noise

  For many people, going to the cinema is one of life’s greatest pleasures. The big screen, the soaring highs and rumbling lows… It’s an experience that is difficult to fully replicate at home, even in this era of 70 inch 4k TVs and surround sound systems. At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, cinema […]

How Do Fabric Ducts Maintain Their Shape?

  Unlike traditional rigid ducting, fabric ducting is made of pliable textile material that needs to be inflated into the right shape during its operation. There are several ways to achieve this and many different factors that might affect which approach we choose for a particular project. In this article we will explore the different […]

Improve Restaurant Diner Comfort With Fabric Ducting

  It’s no secret that fabric ducts were originally invented for the food manufacturing industry. They are still commonly used in industrial applications, but they are suitable for so much more. Prihoda fabric ducts can be used wherever occupant comfort is a priority. Take, for example, a museum or art gallery. Any perceptible noise will […]

Fabric Duct Calculator: When To Use It And Why

  You may have noticed the fabric duct calculator on this site or even downloaded the mobile app. You might be wondering, why use the calculator if you can talk to us directly? We have developed our easy-to-use fabric duct calculator for times when you want a quick check of which duct shape and size […]

Prihoda Art: How To Order Custom Printed Fabric Ducts

When you think of fabric ducting, what do you think of? Air? Construction work? For most people, fabric ducting is a strictly practical technical product. It’s mainly installed to fulfil a building’s air and ventilation requirements and ensure that all indoor areas are safe and suitable for the activities that take place within. But did […]

Fabric Ducting For Arenas: Complex Installation Made Easy

As the world gradually returns to normality, it’s hard to resist thinking about all those activities that were riskier or simply unavailable for much of the last two years; for example, sports matches, concerts and other events that draw crowds. As always, good ventilation will play a crucial role in maintaining the safety and comfort […]

Adjustable Fabric Duct Features For Any Eventuality

  A fabric duct is usually a very straightforward method of air distribution. At its most basic level, it is essentially a fabric tube with perforations or nozzles through which the air will exit into the room. As all our ducting is designed bespoke, our designs are typically set and forget – they are made […]

Fabric Ducting Vs Rigid Ducting – When To Use Which?

At Prihoda, we are passionate about fabric ducting and are always interested in finding new ways to use it to solve your airflow challenges. But we consider fabric ducting a specialist product to be used alongside, and not instead of, other air duct and diffuser products. Each type of ducting, whether it is rigid or […]

Vertical Farming HVAC Systems Design With Fabric Ducts (Part 2)

  Vertical farming is a much more efficient growing method, providing high crop yields even in limited space, such as cities. The growing trays containing the substrate are set up in layers, with stacks of trays taking up very little floor space. The plants grow in a controlled environment, preventing disease propagation and making it […]

Vertical Farming HVAC Systems Design With Fabric Ducts (Part 1)

  Prihoda has gained quite a lot of experience with vertical farming systems over the last few years. In this blog post, we will look at how fabric ducting can be used in vertical farming operations to help create the right growing conditions for the plants and crops being grown. But first, let’s look at […]

Fabric Ducts: Your First Choice For Fire Safe Ducting

Accidents and fires are an unfortunate part of life. We can’t avoid them all the time; all we can do is mitigate the risk. In recent years, there’s been a trend towards taking a regulatory approach to fire safety, and for good reason too. According to official statistics from fire and rescue services, every year […]

What Prevents Good Ventilation in Schools?

Good ventilation is gaining relevance as the pandemic continues to unfold around the world. But ventilation has always been important for our health. Every day, more people are beginning to truly recognise the consequences of poor air circulation in indoor spaces – not least for school-age children, who spend many hours each day sharing classroom […]

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