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sports hall


Sports hall ventilation design

How to ventilate a sport hall effectively Sports hall ventilation can be quite a challenge.  There could be a range of issues to overcome with the design.  Due to the nature of a sports hall, ducts are usually required to be mounted at a high level (often over 10m).  The supplied air temperature needs to […]

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large spaces fabric ducting


Large Spaces: Warehouse/Long throw/High bay design

Designing for large spaces In a warehouse with high ceilings and large volumes, it is important to get the correct mix of throw and distribution to meet the needs of the  space or product being stored/distributed. It’s all about distributing and targeting the air where it needs to be. Traditionally steel ducting with large nozzle […]

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diagram of air flow through micro-perforations


Micro-Perforations in Fabric Ducts

How do Micro-Perforations work? Micro-perforations are an amazing innovation and allow us so much more flexibility than conventional Permeable Only Fabric Ducts.  Originally, fabric ducting companies squeezed air through the weave of the material when cooling, but this creates issues with dust blockage. In order to stop squeezing the air through the material to avoid […]

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factory view with antistatic material air ducting


Antistatic material

  Antistatic material is generally referred to as any material which inhibits the build-up of an electric charge by the rubbing or contact with another material. For instance, if static has built up on your body, and you start handling delicate electronic components, the sudden discharge of current from your body can be enough to […]

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swimming pool ventilation over pool


Swimming pool ventilation design

When thinking about a ventilation system for a swimming pool, it is very important to remember that wet bodies are much more sensitive to air movement. Therefore the ventilation system must be designed to provide gentle air movement. Swimming pools are harsh environments, so they require a system that will last but also be easy to […]

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