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Marquee Ventilation: 6 Reasons To Use Fabric Ducts

  Marquee ventilation is often neglected – that is, until problems occur. Like all structures, temporary installations generally need ventilation, even when they are set up outdoors. These are some of the reasons you should consider installing fabric ducting in your next marquee project. Prevent excessive heat in summer – noiselessly Marquees can become extremely […]

Not All Recycled Plastics Are The Same

Recent interest in the environment has driven many consumers to choose eco-friendly products made of biodegradable or recycled materials. Products claiming to be recycled are more available than ever, from consumer products to construction materials. But not all recycled plastics are created equal – some are more sustainable than others. Post-consumer vs post-industrial recycled plastic […]

Fabric Duct Longevity and Durability

When people first hear about fabric ducts, they often have many questions about them: how do they stay inflated? Why fabric and not sheet steel? What about vibration? But the most common reservation we encounter is: how long do they last? Many people assume fabric ducts are a temporary solution, but for long term durability, […]

Why Use Fabric Ducts in Ventilation Retrofitting

Why retrofit? Indoor ventilation has become a hot topic in recent months. Its importance to human health cannot be overstated. There is a renewed drive to utilise health-promoting heating and ventilation systems in construction projects, from institutional buildings to housing blocks, in an effort to maintain public health. While this is a trivial matter in […]

Sports Hall Ventilation With Prihoda Fabric Ducts

Sports hall ventilation can be a real challenge, especially with traditional rigid ducts and diffusers. There are many practical considerations unique to sports hall ventilation. Dimensional factors Sports halls are large spaces with high ceilings. The supplied air tends to be very buoyant, as it is usually warmer than the surrounding air. As a result, […]

Directed Microperforations – A Unique Prihoda Innovation

At Prihoda, we are always striving to achieve the best possible HVAC solution with fabric ducts and diffusers. Whether it is keeping the air fresh and healthy in offices, ensuring cleanliness in food manufacturing, or providing comfortable ventilation in hospitals, we are continually developing new ways to make it happen. Directed microperforations are one of […]

Fume Cupboards And Lab Ventilation: The Case For Fabric Ducts

Lab ventilation requirements for fume cupboards Lab ventilation – getting it right is a tricky affair. Laboratory equipment often requires specific atmospheric conditions to work as intended. Fumes and vapours must be kept safely away from occupants. Additionally, the overall ventilation system must provide a comfortable and safe working environment for the lab’s occupants. Hazard […]

Green Building with Fabric Ducts and Diffusers

What is Green Building? A ‘green building’ or sustainable building is designed to be as kind to the environment as is practical with current technology, construction techniques and materials. As a design and construction philosophy, green building aims to: produce sustainable buildings which require fewer resources to construct and maintain, protect the health and wellbeing […]

Ideal office ventilation with SquAireTex

Imagine you sit down at your office desk and, minutes later, a cold draught hits you. As you reach for your jacket, you look around and notice that all your colleagues look comfortable. Or maybe the draught is too hot and the space around your desk – and only your desk – feels stuffy and […]

Sick Building Syndrome: Can An Office Make You Sick?

What Is Sick Building Syndrome? Sick building syndrome is the common name for the general illness and symptoms experienced by the occupants of a building. It is far more common in open-plan offices, but it can be a problem in any building, especially if it is crowded or poorly ventilated. Typical symptoms are: fatigue and […]

Exposed Ductwork: Design Ideas Which Pack A Punch

Why aesthetics matter It’s easy to get bogged down on the practical aspects of building services and forget the people who will ultimately use them. In ventilation design, there is a tendency to try to hide conduits, ducts and grilles or, conversely, accept them as an ugly but necessary evil. At Prihoda, we believe our […]

Fabric Nozzles: What They Are, Where They’re Used And Why

Selecting the right diffusers for an air sock system is as important as using the optimal layout. Because they’re made of fabric, Prihoda ducts can diffuse air anywhere along their length using permeable material, microperforations or laser-cut perforations. But what if the space requires directed air? For long throw or narrow air patterns, we can […]

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