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Adjustable Length Sections of Fabric Ducting

Adjustable Length Sections of Fabric Ducting Sometimes with particular projects, it’s impossible to measure or predict the finished length of a system prior to manufacture. In these instances, we can provide adjustable length sections of fabric ducting. This allows us to manufacture a system that can be installed with some on-site adjustment. The duct can […]

Recycled Material – 100% Post Consumer

Recycled Material – 100% Post Consumer In these days of focus on sustainability, Prihoda offers a recycled fabric ducting that is made from used plastic water bottles. We use 13 recycled plastic water bottles per metre squared of material.  This means we can tell you exactly how many bottles your project has saved from landfill […]

Fabric Duct Calculator

Fabric Duct Calculator Use our online calculator to size or check sizing of all the basic shapes of fabric ducting. By inputting the airflow, diameter or velocity, or a combination of these, the calculator will work out if your selections are optimally sized for your application. To have a go click here or visit the page […]

Air Flow Graphics

Air Flow Graphics At Prihoda, we have developed our own quotation software.  This also generates visual air flow graphics for each individual system based on the type of diffuser, diffuser pattern, air temperature and system pressure. It’s important that our customers understand and have confidence in what is being proposed and to have the opportunity […]

Fabric Nozzles

Fabric Nozzles Prihoda fabric nozzles are made from the same material as the duct. Therefore, the material of the nozzle has the same properties as the duct itself, the same colour and the same flame retardant properties. Small fabric nozzles are available in 20mm, 30mm and 40mm diameters and are created to throw air in […]

Prihoda Tex-tile

Prihoda Tex-tile Prihoda Tex-tiles are a bit different from our usual products. With the exception of their aluminium frame they are made entirely from fabric, including the equalizer and plenum box above the ceiling. Depending on the design chosen, they distribute air along a ceiling either in a swirling manner or in one or more […]

Prihoda Art

Prihoda Art At Prihoda we are always looking at ways to innovate, to solve problems or create improved performance and with our in-house printing technology, With Prihoda Art, we can create a look, style or colour exactly as the customer wants. We can supply fabric ducts in any Pantone colour, with any pattern, any image […]

Large Fabric Nozzles

Large Fabric Nozzles For very long throw applications (tall buildings for example) large fabric nozzles are the perfect diffusion solution. Constructed from the same material as the duct itself, sonic welded to the duct they can’t fall off and they have the same colour and flame retardant properties. Large fabric nozzles have a minimum diameter […]

BIM (Building Information Modelling)

BIM (Building Information Modelling) At Prihoda everything is bespoke. That’s why we produce a BIM model for every quote we do. We produce an IFC file that shows every section of duct and every bend or transition too. It’s easy to click on any section and see the supporting information for the air volume, diameter, […]

Lantern Air Diffuser

Lantern Air Diffuser The lantern diffuser is another Prihoda innovation. Designed to be installed vertically and typically serving evaporative cooling systems the lantern diffuser allows you to deliver air horizontally in any direction or vertically downwards if required. We achieve air distribution flexibility through an adjustable membrane to direct the air horizontally or vertically with […]

Designing Sports Halls

Designing Sports Halls Large sports centres are a regular application for Prihoda fabric ducting. We can design a large range of diffusion air patterns to meet the needs of any space. Often large spaces and low air volumes combine to make these applications challenging, but because we design our systems individually for every job, we’ll […]

Membrane Systems

Membrane Systems Membrane diffusers allow one duct to provide 2 systems. The top half of the duct is the cooling diffuser and the bottom half the heating diffuser – with a non-permeable membrane installed inside the duct separating the two different types of diffusers. When cooling a motor (supplied) will move the membrane to block […]

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