factory view with antistatic material air ducting

Antistatic material


Antistatic Material Antistatic material is generally referred to as any material which inhibits the build-up of an electric charge by the rubbing or contact with another material. For instance, if…

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fabric ducting close up of how made

What is fabric ducting made of?


What is fabric ducting made of? Fabric Ducting or Air Socks is a ventilation ducting solution that is made from a flame retardant Polyester material.  It delivers air into a…

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Innovative Prihoda Materials


Innovative Prihoda Materials At Prihoda, our materials have been created specifically for fabric ducting applications. We’ve taken time to look at the common problems and have designed materials perfectly suited…

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Ebbw Vale Swimming Pool


Ebbw Vale Swimming Pool. Prihoda UK have supplied the fabric duct for Ebbw Vale Swimming Pool in Wales. Designed with 8.0m³/s air volume and delivering air with a heating temperature…

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