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internal view of helix fabric ducting showing metal spiral in duct


HELIX fabric ducting

SPIRAL REINFORCEMENT – HELIX FABRIC DUCTING Helix fabric ducting is when a metal spiral covered in fabric is inserted inside of the diffuser. It maintains a permanently cylindrical shape with a stretched fabric duct. The spacing of the internal spiral is managed by longitudinal textile straps. Helix  fabric ducts can be any length, but are […]

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white food fabric ducting with logo


Food Manufacturing Air Socks Design

Food Manufacturing Air Sock Design. Food facilities have some quite specific demands that make Fabric Ducts (Air Socks) particularly suited to these applications. There is no better way to deliver high volumes of very cold air without a draught, and the surface area of duct within the space creates perfect air distribution throughout the room/facility. […]

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view of classroom ceiling mounted air sock ventilation


Classroom Fabric Ducting

Schools and Academies are common applications for Prihoda Fabric Ducting. This example is the project we supplied for Eastwood School, Glasgow. Prihoda delivered in excess of 220 ducts for Cooling, Heating and Tempered Fresh Air for each classroom. All ducts were half round shaped and mounted direct to the exposed concrete ceiling. The fabric ducting […]

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laboratory benches with air diffusers overhead


Laboratory make up air ventilation design

Laboratories typically require quite large volumes of make-up air to replace the air extracted through fume cupboards and other equipment.  Using a traditional ventilation system with rigid ducting and grilles could create issues with draughts affecting staff and fume cupboard sensors (which trip the fume cupboard extract when sensing a slight draught). Prihoda Fabric Ducts are […]

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food factory installation showing advantages of fabric ventilation


Food Based Applications

Food based applications is probably our largest sector at Prihoda UK. We offer food ventilation systems, food air sock systems and air sock cleaning services  – look here for more on our food fabric ducting services. Here we’ve created a gallery page with a mix of UK and European food projects for you to enjoy…. […]

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diagram showing air sock with micro-perforations for displacement ventilation


What is Displacement Ventilation?

Displacement Ventilation introduces supply air into a room at low velocity and usually at low level.  The air volume of a displacement system is usually quite high in comparison with mixing systems and the supply air temperature difference usually quite small (typically no more than 4k). The idea being that a high air change rate […]

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Tarpey Harris


Tarpey Harris – a case study

Tarpey Harris is a company with deep connections to the local community of Denby where its high tech manufacturing facility is located. Founded in 1969 and with over 50 staff, it is a leading manufacturer of wax moulded parts and machine tools for the aerospace and gas turbine industry. Continued success has led to its […]

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Case Study – Making Waves


Case Study – Making Waves

A professional swim school whose owners and staff have decades of experience, Making Waves is Scotland’s largest independent swimming school. Making Waves’ innovative instructional programme has taught more than 18,000 children learn how to swim confidently. Its continued success required a new purpose-built facility to be constructed in 2017 to ensure the increasing volume of […]

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Prihoda Bryanston fabric ventilation


Fabric ducting and Bryanston School

Originally designed by renowned Scottish architect, Richard Norman Shaw, Bryanston School is an independent school educating over 800 pupils between the age of 13 to 18 in Blandford Forum, Dorset. It was founded in the late 1920s by Jeffrey Graham Jeffreys, an Australian schoolteacher who moved to London to teach chemistry. Seven years later, he […]

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Bath Leisure - Swimming Pool Fabric Ducting installed


Bath Sports and Leisure Centre Fabric Ducting Case Study

Since the 1970s, Bath Sports and Leisure Centre has been the premier destination for residents from the city and the surrounding areas to keep fit. Management of the centre passed over to GLL (self-styled “Better”) which then embarked on a huge remodelling and refitting program worth £8.5m on the facility to bring it into line […]

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